On Sunday, 4 August 1918, the fourth anniversary of the declaration of war, King George V and Queen Mary joined members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords for a special service at the Church of Saint Margaret, Westminster. The King had asked that 4 August 1918 should be observed as a National Day of Prayer. One hundred days later the war ended.

On 4 August 2018 churches across the country, across the spectrum of denominations, will start 100 days of prayer, peace and reconciliation. We are calling this Remembrance 100.

There are many ways in which you, your community, church or school can get involved. And, over the coming months, we’ll be keeping you in touch with ways in which you can join in. But here are a few big dates for your diary.

4 August 2018

one hundred years on from a national day of prayer called by George V. This will be the first day of 100 days of prayer across the country, running until Armistice Day in November. Every day there will be prayers and actions for peace. You can sign up to take part and spend just a few minutes of your day, adding your prayers to those of tens of thousands more.

11 November 2018

there will be Remembrance Services around the country. Many will be followed by Peace Parties.

Lots of organisations are working hard to provide you with the resources you need to stage your local event.

There will be: 

  • Ideas and prayers for 100 days of peace from 4 August to 11 November 2018.
  • A guide on how to hold a peace party for your community – Download PDF
  • A short video based on Revelation 21:3-4, verses about peace, to show at your Remembrance Day event
  • A pocket-sized booklet to give to all those attending your Remembrance event, including a special prayer written by the Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Ways in which your young people can get involved 

Resources already available: